Dubinsky Extension Almost Crashes Twitter


It’s been a very busy news day for the people of Ohio, but the Columbus Blue Jackets made the biggest news by giving Brandon Dubinsky a six-year extension worth $35.1 Million.

The general feeling among CBJ fans is elation over this contract. Outside of the CBJ circle the money might be higher than expected. To those who are in disagreement with the terms, you should “watch the game.” No seriously, watch Dubinsky play and tell me he isn’t a better player than Dave Bolland, David Clarkson or Ryan Callahan.



I’m a firm believer that numbers can tell a lot of the story and when someone brings up the intangible aspects of a player, I usually want to tune them out. However, it’s impossible to talk about Dubinsky and avoid the intangibles like “leadership”, “heart” and “determination”.

Dubinsky’s presence on the team has made an impact on several of the other players. His “level of compete” is hardly outmatched, which can make up for his lack of skill, and he sets a good example for his teammates. Once again, leadership is an intangible quality, but when you’re on the same team as one of the hardest working players in the league, it can certainly become contagious.

The only thing that could have made today any better would have been an announcement from the team that named him captain. Seriously, just slap a “C” on the number 17 jersey because nobody deserves it more. As you can recall, the Rick Nash trade is how the Blue Jackets acquired Brandon Dubinsky. It was pretty clear to the fans of Columbus which player was the better leader right away.

The 28-year old center has not always been a prolific point producer, but he is coming off of a 50 point season, and most importantly, he’s a strong possession driver. In the past three seasons his CF% has always been above 50% and his on-ice goals for percentage has been above 55%!

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Dubinsky Shorthanded. Click for animation



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